Like a flower…

Spring is approaching and with that comes the beautiful flowers. In New York, they are planted all over city parks and that gives a special charm to the season beacause, not only are the trees getting their leaves back but, flowers bloom. Today’s post is dedicated to growing as a person and professionally like trees and flowers do every year.

Below are a few photos of dried orchid flowers that fell off the plant. Even though they are not fresh, they still look beautiful. Enjoy!


Food: Sweet Beans

Last Friday, a friend came over to visit and helped me make my first ever sweet beans. They turned out delicious! Sweet beans are a Dominican staple dessert, usually made during Lent and shared with family and friends.

It is prepared using blended red beans and adding coconut milk, evaporated milk, cinnamon sticks, raisins, sugar and letting it boil until it becomes creamy. Some people add condensed milk, and batata (sweet potato.) but I decided not to include them in mine. Once chilled, serve and top with milk cookies (or animal crackers.)

Have you ever tried, or made sweet beans? I promise they’re not difficult to make once you pass the blending and straining part. Here’s the recipe I used:


Cheers! Cristalia

Baby Emil is here!

After 41 weeks and 4 days of anxiously waiting for our baby boy, he was finally born last Tuesday. We are so happy and blessed to have him and I couldn’t feel better with all the help I’ve received from my husband and mom.

My dear baby has been giving me many sleepless nights of which they’re all worth as soon as I see his face and hold him in my arms.

Here are a few pictures taken by Bella Baby Photography at the hospital.




XO! Cristalia

Maternity: What to wear and where to shop!

Wearing Ingrid & Isabel’s Boatneck Lace Dress


Baby’s almost here but I want to share some style tips for those of you expecting and clueless on what to wear.

First of all, you won’t be wearing these things for years to come (unless you plan on having a big family) so try not to spend too much money on new stuff.

Tip #1: Find things in your closet. You may find many items that will fit throught your pregnancy. Think about those loose and stretchy tops and pants.

Tip #2: Find second hand items. Try to get as much second hand as possible. In my case, my sister was pregnant around the same time last year so I got to borrow a lot from her. If you don’t have a sister or close enough friend, visit your local thrift shop.

Items I recommend:

  • Jeans. 1 or 2 styles. I borrowed from my sister. She got them both at H&M.
  • Leggins. During the Summer and early Fall I loved wearing my Old Navy leggins but when the weather started getting colder I didn’t take these, Ingrid & Isabel, off.)
  • Cardigans and blazers. I prefer long ones, so they cover my behind. You can wear non-maternity tops and by layering on a cardigan and a few accessories you’ll look great.
  • Basic cotton tops. These are great for layering. You’ll find great basics at Old Navy and H&M maternity.
  • Dresses. Shop for these in the non-maternity section although you might need 2-3 maternity styles. In the picture, I am wearing this.
  • Sweaters & a Coat. Depending on where you live, you might have to get a coat. I was determined not to buy a maternity coat and decided to get a few super warm sweaters and use my regular coat that doesn’t button in the belly area. That, and my favorite hat, scarves and gloves kept me warm.

At the beginning of the pregnancy try using bra extenders. Eventually, you’ll need to upgrade the size so I shopped for my favorite Calvin Klein styles at Marshalls but ended up getting a couple more for breasfeeding at Target.

Hope this helps!

Questions? Post them below.