app review: fitness time!

Yes! I’ve been extremely lazy for the past winter months and it’s now time to get back on track. I’ll be using the Nike+ Training app with the sensored sneakers that I got last August as a birthday gift from my husband. At first, I was really excited and I immediately followed the program and loved it for one month. Then came Fall and Winter and I stopped exercising…again (this happens every year).

When I started training with the app, I was really into the program for many reasons:
1. It really works.
2. I was going on vacation in three weeks
3. I enjoy exercising because it makes me feel great.
5. Affordable fitness on the go
4. Who doesn’t love to look great? 😉
My goal here is to follow the 4 weeks program and share my experience at the end. At the same time  I’ll be passively forcing myself to follow through.
 If you want to join me and train along, here’s what you’ll need:
  • iPhone or Android device.
  • Nike+ Training app (Free).
  • Nike Sneakers with sensor.
    • A very affordable option is to get the Nike+ Training Club app that does not require sensored sneakers.

Select a Program to workout 3, 4 or 5 days per week for four weeks.

When I did this back in September, I started with the advanced program (5 days) just because I was already training with other programs at home and running a few times per week.

Tomorrow, I will start with the intermediate program (4 days per week) and at the end I will share my achievements.

I really hope you can start getting fit with me but if not, come cheer me along the way.

Note: If you are starting to train with this or any other fitness program make sure you track your progress by writing down your weight and dimensions (bust, waist & hips ) when you start and every two weeks.
Do you exercise with an app? Share your favorite fitness apps below.
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