Cheers from San Francisco!

I am writing today’s post away from home. It’s 6:22 AM in San Francisco, CA and I am such a morning person that I am up and ready at the Starbucks Coffee line. The rare thing here is that I just got a bottle of water and an apple. Not hungry nor feeling the need for coffee. 

The reason for my trip is the HOW Design Live Conference. I am blessed with an amazing day job that  is paying for it. Fortunate to work for a company – and have a boss – that care for their employees growth. 
I arrived yesterday and headed straight to the hotel. Setup my stuff and walked to the conference at Moscone West. It’s rainy and humid here so I am not very pleased with that because my walk is about 10 minutes. Yes, that’s coming from a New Yorker that’s used to walking a lot! 
But let me tell you that I am very happy to be here. The opening keynote last night was Austin Kleon, he taught us how to steal like an artist and my take on his talk is this:
Nothing is original because everything is inspired by something else (even if you don’t think it is) so, go ahead and make something. Make art. If you think something should be different change it. Do the things that make you happy in life and good things will come. And finally, fake it ’till you make it. Pretend to be what you want to be, or how you want to be, and you’ll eventually get there. 
One last thought to those of you who think that art is just designing, painting and drawing, art is whatever you make and connects you to other people. This I learned from Seth Godin’s book ‘The Icarus Deception’ that I just finish reading last week. Do recommend it to anyone.

Happy Monday!

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