Wool Baseball Caps for Fall/Winter

It’s cold out there today. The coocoo weather changes drastically and all we can do is look at the forecast and try to dress appropiately hoping that it wont change by EOD and we’re either freezing at night or removing layers. Last year the baseball caps were very trendy and because I don’t even own one, I’ve been thinking about getting one now that I’m ready to be a baby boy’s mama. These are perfect for the cold weather because they’re made of wool or a combination.



1 $39.50 :: 2 $24.95 :: 3 $24.50 :: 4 $29.95 :: 5 $29.95  :: 6 $32

If only I could find this studded cap I saw at Jcrew last year… Maybe I’ll get #5 and DIY it.