Neutral Baby Nursery Ideas

I am currently looking for ideas to design Emil’s nursery and the only thing that’s decided is that the furniture is white, and the walls will be painted with a super light grey color. I want the room to have light neutral colors with some highlights in green or blue. I love the idea of a wallpaper like the stars in image #6 and the baby animal frames that have been so popular lately for kids rooms.

His room has a wall with a built in closet but I’d like to add a dresser to place the changer and the things that need to be folded. Also, a few shelves like the ones in picture #9 to display his books. I have so many ideas, and as I write I start to imagine the final result. Stay tuned for the final room photos but for now, enjoy these inspirational photos.

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I hope you enjoyed my selection of neutral nurseries and don’t forget to share this post with your friends.