Cooking Sundays…

This past Sunday, as I cleaned out the fridge prior to going to the supermarket, I started taking things out and making stuff throughout the day. Here’s all the things I cooked:

  1. It started with a whole bag of Trader Joe’s Quinoa (3 cups.)
  2. Then, I peeled two eggplants that were sitting there for a week. I sprinkled the sliced eggplants with salt and let them rest for a few hours. When they released all the water, I started layering eggplant, broccoli, spinach, cheese and the sauce in a pan to make a vegetable lasagna. 
  3. I also took out some chicken and made chicken soup. Alright, I didn’t do it all, my husband helped me with the soup. He makes very delicious chicken soup, so I basically forced him in the kitchen with that excuse.
  4. Finally, I made lentils for the baby. 

Those four dishes will last all week for my small family and I will not have to cook at night when I get home from work. At least it’s what I hope. 

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 2.04.31 PM


Tell me in the comments: Do you cook on Sunday for the whole week?