New Moms: Are you sure you want to breastfeed?

This post is the first of a series for new moms where I share my experience and give suggestions. 

I have been breastfeeding my son for a year now and before having him, I knew I wanted to breastfeed. I would listen to stories about how little or how much they breastfeed their babies and I would only say: wow, ok, hum, we’ll see how I do…

Deep inside I knew that eventually I would figure out how long I wanted to nurse him and I sure did! 9 months into it I was already expressing how tired I was, and how much work it is for us moms to keep up with everything. Taking time at work to pump because I ran out of my extra supply a few weeks into getting back to the office. So, tip #1 you’ll never have enough stored milk in the freezer. 

breastfeeding emil

Don’t get me wrong, I am extremely glad I chose to breastfeed my son. I am beyond grateful that I could. It was my time with him where I could relax from all the things going on around. My issue is that if I knew how exhausted I would feel 8 months in, I would’ve introduced formula sooner. I tried to supplement with formula around 8 months and I couldn’t. He didn’t like the taste of it. Smart kid, I know. 

Thankfully, I always had a can of Baby’s Only Organic formula at daycare and one day, at 11.5 months, the teacher gave me fantastic news. He drank a bottle of formula milk. I now spend less time pumping and stressing about if I’ll have enough milk for Emil and more time being happy. 

What would I do differently next time? I am no expert, but I would try to supplement around the 3rd month. It’ll give me time to do as I please, even if it’s just 15 minutes a day. 


  • Kay

    Breastfeeding is so awesome and glad you did it for so long. It’s a blessing. Our baby Hannah didn’t latch so pumping it was. I exclusively pumped (anytime anywhere) for 7mths and was able to have a nice stash. I still have some left.
    I did have to suppliment (wanted to stretch my statch)at about 7mths and I cried. I just knew how important breastmilk was and how much formula stunk. However I got over it and fed her earth best organic because our baby needed to eat. We do what’s best for our babies and that’s all that matters.
    Next baby (not expecting) I’m praying baby can latch and I can go a year BUT I have no expectations. Expectations caused me stress and to experience mother’s guilt.

    • cristalia

      Hi Kay, You did a fantastic job by pumping for 7 months. Expectations cause me stress too so I just go with the flow. Thanks for stopping by. XO! -Cristalia