Emil’s Fox Fiesta! 1st Birthday Party

As the Fedex Print guy told me, “First birthdays are the ones we spend more time and effort, but the one they least enjoy.” I knew this from the moment I started planning Emil’s birthday but still, I wanted it to be a memorable one, at least for me.

Being a designer, I didn’t just want any theme and I realized this when I kept searching on Etsy for “the one” but none of them were EXACTLY what I looked for. Originally, I didn’t want to spend time designing materials but I ended up doing everything for the decorations and I’m so glad I did.

When I finally decided on the fox theme, I wanted something different than everything out there and I knew it should be fun and colorful so I created the Fox Fiesta theme. 


His fiesta was a total success. 

Photos by Pablo Acevedo – DreamVille Studios