New Moms: Maternity Leave Anxiety

While pregnant, I worried SO MUCH about: 1) How I wanted to spend more time on maternity leave. 2) How little time we get in the U.S. compared to other countries. 3) How much we’d be paying for childcare once the baby got here.

So much to think about during a time where we’re supposed to be enjoying our pregnancy and those first days with our babies. 


Looking back, I had nothing to be mad and worried about. My employer was covering 3 months of leave and many moms don’t have that option. It’s tough being a mom, it’s heartbreaking to leave a few-weeks-old baby in daycare and that’s why there should be better laws in place. For those moms who need the money, and for babies because they need their mom. 

Luckily, I had someone at home with the baby during the first six months and I was also able to work from home some days.

As my due date got closer, I secretly wished the laws changed and that I would be able to stay home at least one more month. If you’re pregnant, you might be wishing for the same but it’ll be okay. You’ll go back to work, and you’ll figure out the best solution for your family. It’s what moms do. We just figure it out.

Ironically, so much complaint sort-of paid off. I was laid off a month after having Emil but I was still getting paid for ~5 months between the day I was told and the time where my severance ended. I dedicated most of my days to searching for a new gig in between breastfeeding breaks, interviews and novelitas. In the end, I was able to find a better job with much better pay before my severance time was over and I got to spend more time at home with the baby. The story of having a baby, purchasing a house and being laid off all at once, is one that I will share another day…

Today, let’s be grateful for all the blessing we have and even those things that don’t seem right at times. The struggle you’re going through now will lead the way to a better future. Pray & be thankful for all.

Did you have maternity leave anxiety? Join the conversation in the comments. 

This post is part of a series for new moms where I share my experience and give suggestions.