Why I stopped blogging for a while…

I started Cheers! Cristalia in 2013 and ambitiously began posting 3 times a week, plus once a month for my friend Betty. I did that consistently for a few years and was loving the ride, but soon after I became pregnant I stopped. The reason is that I didn’t feel inspired about the same things and I wasn’t sure about blogging about my family and my child to the public. It felt too personal.

It was until early this year when I realized that I should be writing about all the things that inspire me, and that it is okay if what inspires me is my son. After all, this blog started as a personal expression of my love for color, fashion and home decor.

2015 best instagram photos

My top 2015 instagram photos

So, I continue this journey, passionate about writing, creating and sharing a more personal side of me, with you. I’m okay with that now and truly hope it’s okay with you too.