5 BB / CC / Tinted Moisturizer Creams

Are you looking to try a new BB, CC, or a tinted moisturizer cream? I’ve tried several brands since they started trending a few years ago and today I want to share with you what I’ve tried and the things I like (or dislike) about each one. All of these products are meant to give you several benefits in one bottle and that’s why they became so popular. The other benefit of these creams is that they generally give you a natural look although I personally prefer the ones with more coverage.


Three of the following are drugstore brands and two of them are on the pricey side:  


  1. Maybelline: This is the first BB cream I ever tried. I am usually looking for creams that give me coverage and this one is sheer — not at the top of my list. It’s a great choice if you have really nice skin and are going for a no-makeup look with all the benefits of a moisturizer and SPF 30. ($6.40)
  2. Garnier: When I tried this BB cream I didn’t really like that my face was oily so I stopped using it until I got pregnant and wanted to have some light coverage. The second time around I became addicted to the product and now I’m on my second container. Cons? It only has SPF 15. ($11)
  3. Dr.Jart+: I received a sample of this product back when I used to subscribe to Birchbox. I found the sample this morning and decided to test it out again for this post. It’s also sheer like the Maybelline BB cream so it’s probably why I never purchased the product after using the sample. It’s also a great choice if you’re going for a natural look and I love that it has SPF 45 ($50.78 — on sale for $30 online)
  4. Supergoop: I also received a sample of this one and did go on to buy a full product. I used it interchangeably with the Garnier cream and I loved it. It has great coverage and the only cons is that my husband says it smells like mud although I never smelled that. Hah! ($32
  5. e.l.f: I purchased this because I’ve been a bit obsessed with e.l.f. products and I was looking for a new cream when I ran out of my two favorite ones. It has medium coverage and it’s a great buy for the money but unfortunately I purchased a darker shade so I only use it when I have no other solution around. ($6

Do you use any of these creams? I’d love to try out anything new so please share your thoughts in the comments.