Diaper Pail: Yay or nay?

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For first time moms starting a gift registry is not an easy task, we all wish we would know what’s the best product we can get for our children and, in this case, that make our lives easier. During my search I was recommended many diaper pails, and even told that they weren’t necessary so I was more than happy when Munchkin asked me to try out their STEP™ diaper pail. Read on as I get to share with you why I love the product now that we’ve tried it out.


Why do you need a diaper pail?

Prevent having dirty and smelly diapers around the house, in random places where you forgot and left them on your way to the garbage can. Also, diapers can be small but the stink can be BIG — specially when they start eating solids. If you still have a little one on just milk, enjoy the “scent” while it lasts. Hah!

Why do I recommend the STEP™ diaper pail?
  • Unlike other diaper pails, Munchkin uses a mechanism that twists the bag so that the bad odors stay where they need to be, in the bag and not in the room.
  • They also partner with Arm & Hammer and together beat any bad odors that might want to come out. 
  • Munchkin diaper pails are #1 in odor control.
  • It has a modern design that integrates easily into a modern nursery.
  • The foot pedal is very convenient for when your hands are full.


The STEP™ diaper pail is a registry­ worthy item that not only keeps baby’s nursery smelling fresh, but also seamlessly integrates into any nursery décor. I love that it’s white and matches all the modern baby decor in my boys room but it also fits well into a girl nursery.


We are able to spend quality time without thinking about stinky diapers because they’re perfectly hidden in the STEP.


Emil is growing so fast. I can now get him involved and teach him to help mami out with simple things like “la basura al zafacón.”


When you see this product you realize how well thought out it was. The front door of the bin lets you detach the bag without much effort. Other diaper pails gave me a hard time pulling out the bag full of diapers and with so many little things to do around the house, the least thing moms want is a product that makes your life harder. Might as well go and take a trip to the garbage can. You can find the STEP™ diaper pail at Walmart.


Now tell me, will you be adding a diaper pail to your registry? This one is definitely worth it.