The Breast to Bottle Transition

Mid-way through my pregnancy my sister asked me if I was planning to breastfeed the baby and I immediately answered: “If I produce milk, I will.” Soon after the c-section, I was immediately put in the observation room with my son on my chest and the nurses helped me feed him by teaching me how to extract colostrum and how to get him to latch on. Exactly 10 days from today, my son will be 17 months old and I am still breastfeeding him.


This is no easy task and I didn’t put much thought into it until (tah-dah!) my baby was here. My life gave a 360 degree turn and I was now giving all my attention to my son and trying to do my best to care and protect him. I was there on demand and fed him when he “asked.” Whenever and wherever.


After several months I realized that I needed some time for myself. Breastfeeding my son makes me happy because he is happy but I was also feeling tired and missed doing other things that made me happy prior to being a mother.


It took me almost a year to realize that it’s okay to be myself after having a baby. That doing other things I love didn’t make me selfish or a bad mom.

After spending time at the gym, painting in the backyard or even window shopping at the mall, I was a happier mom when I got home to what I loved the most.


I now wish I had Munchkin’s new breastfeeding line sooner because it is designed to ease the transition from breast to bottle—and back again, the LATCH bottle features a patented nipple that enables the baby’s palate to stretch back and forth, and attain a proper latch.

I recently began using this new line of products and can’t wait to start doing more things I enjoy on my own time.


In addition to the bottle, the LATCH line also includes nursing pads (5X thinner and 3X more absorbent than the average nursing pad), a LATCH bottle brush, sterilizer bags (providing easy on­ the ­go bottle cleanings) and a pump brush (the only brush on the market designed for a breast pump).



You can find these Munchkin products at Walmart.

What do you think? I would love to hear your experience with transitioning from the breast to the bottle.

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