A casual Fall day at the Park :: Family Photos

We’ve been planning a family photoshoot for several months but kept delaying it. So I finally decided to reach out to my friends at Oelerich Studios and get it done. Once the date and time was set, I had to get to the outfits that BTW, ended up being a last minute change but we loved it because it matched the colors of the fall season.

Tita5months- Fall2016

Tita5months- Fall2016_59

We chose casual outfits with fall-ish colors to match the beautiful colors of the season.

Tita5months- Fall2016_151

I wanted something outside that captured the warm colors of Fall so we headed to the beautiful Fort Tryon/Cloisters Park in NYC for the photo session. 

Tita5months- Fall2016_53

Tita5months- Fall2016_120

Tita5months- Fall2016_71

Tita5months- Fall2016_114

Tita5months- Fall2016_110

Tita5months- Fall2016_104

Tita5months- Fall2016_111

These are just some of my favorite pics. I loved working with Oelerich Studios and can’t wait to book my next session once the little one is born. 

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