Clearing Blackheads with Boscia’s Black Mask

I’ve been using many face masks lately. Besides it being a product trend with thousands of beauty companies creating a mask for every facial concern, I believe they actually work. It gives me an excuse to take some time for myself,at least 15-30 minutes of peace and relaxation. 

In today’s post I’m sharing an awesome product sent by the Influenster program and Boscia. This peel-off mask is meant to clear your skin by targeting and removing those dirty blackheads and dead cells. You can apply it all over your face but my personal recommendation is to just apply on those specific areas where you feel needs some help (usually nose and chin for this lady!) 

Beware that it can get messy so pour a good amount on two fingertips and then apply to your face.

Once applied, make sure to even it out so that there are no spots left wet and sticky because it won’t peel off.