Finding my Purpose in 2019

Hi there! If you’re reading this you’re probably a close friend, family or have followed me for a while, so THANK YOU. Thank you for being here and following along in my crazy on and off blogging journey. Facebook reminded me this morning that it’s been 6 years, and for the past 3 I’ve changed so much, I didn’t have a good reason to do what I was doing. I didn’t see value in blogging about fashion and physical things anymore, so I stopped. The urge to write and share is still here and although instagram has been my preferred platform, it’s no longer enough.

I’m back to share more about my fitness journey and my creative path, hoping to inspire and help you as I discover myself in this adventure. 

Taking time to research, write and create beautiful content takes time and effort but I don’t want to do anything halfway. I ask, one more time, that you come along and with love and patience, we’ll give life again to this blog that was once my only baby. Cheers to doing what makes our heart explode with joy. 

Now tell me, what is your dream goal for 2019? What small step will you be making consistently to make it happen?

Cheers! Cristalia